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We believe that a woman’s femininity, her character and sense of self is contained and concealed in one basic element: her hair. For this reason, when a woman loses her hair, it is especially devestating.

The BK team has chosen to empower and guide women and girls who have lost their hair due to disease and illness. These women and girls need an authentic and attractive hair replacement to help restore their basic sense of femininity.

We took on this special project in support of the community in the spirit of idealism and passion, with a desire to lend a sense of well-being to women and girls who have lost their identity. We see it as a mission to reinforce their conviction that “I am still me, and always will be.” We want these women to feel at peace with themselves and their bodies.

The notion of giving back to the community utilizing our unique area of expertise and professionalism feels right to us, connecting with us in a very deep and touching way. We feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction and empowerment when we see these girls smiling and interacting with others with an air of newfound confidence, revitalized and feeling complete.

As part of this special, exciting project, we produced a professional event starring young girls who had bravely battled cancer. It was hard to believe that these gorgeous models were ill or weak and missing their hair. It was a tremendous privilege to see the smiles return to their faces and their backs straighten when they rediscovered themselves and glimpsed their new appearance in the mirror. The production’s unique and powerful concept made waves, receiving rave reviews and enjoying media exposure.

By providing for these girls in their hour of need, we feel like we gained more than we gave.


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BK Giving

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