Riding the Waves

In the fashion scene, we’re used to trends having a short shelf life. They change, they disappear – and when they re-emerge, they get a new lease on life thanks to a surprising twist or turn.

Street Fashion – On Set

Lately it seems like the higher-ups are starting to understand the magic that works for the world’s most popular bloggers. That’s why you’ll find quite a few recent high-end campaigns imitating the spirit of street fashion.

A Woman for All Seasons

Luxury handbag brand Longchamp was founded in 1948 in Paris by Jean Cassegrain. The company started making leather bags during the 1970s and soon became a synonym for luxury. The brand’s iconic (and relatively inexpensive) product is Le Pliage – the canvas bag with the leather handles , that folds into a flat and compact bundle.

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